ASTATIC - Josh Shpak
Ripe "Hey Hello" EP
Josh Shpak, Yoav Eshed, Alex Gasser, Noam Israeli

AFFINITY QUARTET | af - fin - i - ty

a spontaneous or natural liking or sympathy for someone or something.


For the members of the Affinity Quartet, the process of making music is akin to getting to know one another.  Their music is based on friendship, trust and the curious things that happen everyday.


The members of the band met as students at Berklee College of Music where the personal and musical connection was immediately evident.  From then on, the band has evolved to reach new heights of togetherness.


Composed of members, Josh Shpak (trumpet), Yoav Eshed (guitar), Alex Gasser (bass) and Noam Israeli (drums), the Affinity Quartet looks at music as a conversation.  When things happen musically, it is as if connections are made personally.


Their primary goal is to share their message of friendship through music, using not only the power of performance, but also by continuing the spirit of learning and  togetherness through youth education .


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